had to recommend dickens’ great expectations, a great, although looong book. wasn’t sure what to expect, but this was a surprising blend of gothic, cold-and-rainy british victorian storytelling and beautifully comic scenes and characters (the tea parties at the pockets and at wemmick’s house are easily as hilarious as anything in lewis carroll’s books). this book is one that you’ll have to take repeated breaks from b/c it’s def. not written to be read in one sitting, but the characters are wonderfully memorable (i think i’m infatuated w/ both mr wemmick and herbert pocket) and the psychological development of the protagonist is quite touching. and the last 50 pages are a real payoff and had me completely teary-eyed. i can’t decide if i should finally see the movie adaptation w/ gwyneth paltrow and ethan hawke (which i’ve been meaning to do b/c tori has a song on the soundtrack), but i don’t think i will anytime soon b/c it’ll prob. just spoil my memory of the book.


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