andy and i got a harvard museum pass ($10 for one visit to each of the 6 museums), and we’ve been working our way through them. the fogg and busch-reisinger are in the same building, but when we went to the fogg we didn’t have time to go to the B-R so we went this past weekend. the busch-reisinger is “the only museum in America devoted to promoting the informed enjoyment and critical understanding of the arts of Central and Northern Europe, with a special emphasis on the German-speaking countries.” the museum is small, really only maybe six rooms, and for me of little attention span it was a nice size.

the current exhibit (through june) is pretty good, although i actually found it a bit lacking in background info (unless i just happened to miss it). the globe’s review gives a good overview. i didn’t know a whole lot about klimt or schiele, and the exhibit had several works by both. they had a reproduction of a now-destroyed klimt work “jurisprudence” that was quite fascinating, which has a scene of an old man being “embraced” by an octopus. i also quite enjoyed the works by koloman moser, which included some book illustrations (this cover is representative of the kind of work he did) and an entire wall of wallpaper samples. ever since the christopher dresser exhibit at the cooper-hewitt i’ve discovered that i get quite a rise out of wallpaper designs; maybe it’s my queer eye tendencies. also really enjoyed schiele’s “sleeping figure with blanket”.


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