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this week andy and i saw donnie darko (director’s cut). -so good-. def. one of the best movies i’ve seen in a while. for some unknown reason i had it in my head that this movie was made in the 80’s, so the whole time i was watching it i was thinking it was really unusual and amazing especially b/c it was an 80’s movie, although if i had stopped to think about it i would’ve realized that drew barrymore couldn’t have been that old. duh. but anyway it’s a beautifully atmospheric and haunting flick and very memorable, as well as a bit of a mind-bender. and jake is a hottie, in a kind of creepy, straight sort of way.

i did some mucking about, so after you see the movie you can check out some of this stuff. i worked my way through the 3 levels of the official website, which is good if you’re looking to waste some time or to revisit the feel of the movie. it has some really nice uses of flash but doesn’t really have any payoff when you get to the end. there’s also quite a number of sites w/ theories about what the movie’s “really about”. this fansite has images from the official site from the book that’s at the center of the movie, which clarifies a lot. for a more explicit explanation, i found that comments #25 and #40 on this site explains everything the most clearly, although of course you can be like andy and choose your own interpretation. update: foo pointed me to this salon article which is even more comprehensive.

two words: see it.


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