i never got these messages in college. maybe i just wasn’t popular enough. haha. i hope this blog isn’t going to get overrun by the really inane iterations of these (like “what color is your toothbrush?”), but it was actually kind of interesting to think about some of these.

what is the total amount of music files on your computer?
my current harddrive is pitifully small, and w/ all the memory that porn takes up (haha) i periodically burn mp3s to CD. so even though the actual space is prob. less than a couple of GB on my computer, in actuality i have much, much more. i’m more of a CD person in general, though. i love scrutinizing liner notes and the feel of a CD. (and i still love cassettes!) re: liner notes, i’m prob. one of the few people who pay attention to crap like who was playing the melodica on track 11 and the violin on track 3 and who the 100th shout-out was to. i’m weird, i know. (side note: my harddrive isn’t 15 GB of porn! actually a lot of it is audio files of songs i’m currently working on. what w/ multitracking and diff. takes and all, one song could take up a whole gig.)

what is the last cd you bought?
i just won cat power’s you are free off of ebay actually. funny coincidence.

what was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
right before i bought the cat power CD i got this CD of this random one-man band i found online called state shirt. you should totally check out the tracks on his website. i’ve had “fell out of the sky” on repeat for the past two weeks, and the only reason i haven’t told anyone about it yet is b/c i’m jealously hoarding it as one of my great finds for use on a soon-to-come mix. when i first read w’s post that’s what i was listening to, although right now i’m listening to kylie. haha.

five songs you often listen to, or that mean a lot to you:
this turned out to be an interesting question for me. i had trouble thinking of things off the top of my head as songs that i adore unconditionally, which was surprising. but in the end i settled on these:

bjork: hyperballad — has everything. perfect lyrics, a gorgeous texture, and it gives me chills. and it’s bjork!

the sugarcubes: birthday — for me one of the most perfectly pitched, always feel-good tracks.

tori: cooling — a b-side, but one of my absolute favorite tori songs. sort of a “pretty” ballad, but it has a lot of emotions in it, for me anyway.

bach’s cello suite #2 — cheating, i know. the cello suites is one of the few pieces of classical music that i can consistently come back to again and again and feel like i’m “understanding” it more and more, and this is one of my favs.

barber’s knoxville summer of 1915 (recording w/ dawn upshaw) — i was surprised that i picked two classical pieces, but this piece is so evocative. it has the best of what i love in classical vocal music: gorgeous, memorable tunes and a really palpable, lovely mood.

who are you going to pass this stick to (three persons) and why?
umm i don’t really know that many people who have blogs, and if i had to think about it i would’ve picked the same 3 people that winnie did. so i’m going to have to skip this one. heh.


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