i’ll be a good sport.
even though this reminds me of those terrible email memes people used to mass email in college. and even though this is really just the 21st century-version of the chain letter. and because i don’t want to be that asshole. yeah, that asshole. i was passed the baton by molly, whose blog is almost as addictive as “huff.”

though the theme is music in my kitchen, we can just sort of ignore the kitchen part, as most people seem to have done. (and really, don’t you listen to very specific music when cooking? i know i do.)

what is the total amount of music files on your computer?
the current hard drive houses 27.3GB of music. let us not speak of its two predecessors, which covered 1998-2003 and which we will miss very, very dearly.

what is the last cd you bought?
this one’s easy. i just stopped into other music on saturday afternoon and finally picked up the arcade fire’s “funeral”. however, i have to cheat, because i also got elvis costello’s “when i was cruel”, basement jaxx’s “remedy” (an impulse buy, resulting from a pang of nostalgia for the winter of 2000, when austin just had to put this album on his turntable, put the needle on either “rendez-vous” or “red alert” and voila, instant dance party.), and todd rundgren’s “something/anything” (prompted by a re-listening of carl’s vinyl mix, which includes “baby let’s swing”.). what’s the big fuckin’ deal with the arcade fire? they’re all over the place (which, believe me, i much prefer over the polyester (god those robes make them sweaty) spree’s one-hit machine) style-wise, but they don’t really blow me away. and i don’t really enjoy the latter half of the album so much. but as always, i am loving the elvis.

what was the last song you listened to before reading this message?
cat power’s “i don’t blame you.” from “you are free”. god, i love that track.

five songs you often listen to, or that mean alot to you:
(i hate this one. who can really answer this properly? i don’t know that any of these answers would be the same tomorrow, but they’ll do for right now.)
1. elvis costello – “god’s comic”. refer to above. tied with rufus wainwright – “rebel prince”. maybe it’s the syncopation or something, but these both elicit the same sort of melancholy for me.
2. (tie) roni size – “brown paper bag” and aphex twin “boy/girl”.
3. belle & sebastian – “belle & sebastian”.
4. paolo conte – “via con me”. you know this one. it was apparently on the “french kiss” soundtrack, but i first heard it in “mostly martha.” and then i heard it in italy all the time.
5. david bowie – “space oddity”. gotta love those handclaps.

who are you going to pass this stick to (three persons) and why?
maybe this is totally illegal, but i’ve gotta tap foo, fred, and joyce. and since they all actually share this blog with me (well, some more so than others), i guess i’ll throw in carl too. foo, because i know that she cooks, but i have no idea what she listens to. fred, because i know what he listens to, but does he really cook? (no.) joyce, because i’ve got to make sure she’s still alive. and carl, because he’s a helluva cook AND has excellent taste in music.


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