the rain it raineth everyday

i’d better start building my ark; you’re all invited. it’s been raining for the last two weeks and will continue to do so for a while (so this is winter in los angeles). anyway, i’m posting because of two things. i checked out the Body World exhibit a couple days ago, or also known as its fantastic untranslated title koerperwelten. the bodies and organs have been plastinated and are displayed in “realistic” ways—exercising, etc, but of course there’s the quasi-philosophical-but-actually-unneccessary oddity of the man holding his own skin in his hand. i thought i’d be grossed out, but i found that i quickly tired of random body sections and people in action and was mainly fascinated by the blood vessel models that they were able to preserve, even down to the little itty bitty capillaries. two other things of note: the compactness and efficiency of the digestive organs are amazing and the development of fetuses is likewise elucidating (they had a translucent 3 month old fetus encased in plastic—or as i call it, baby in a block—where you can even see articulated organs). so if you get a chance to go to it, you should check it out. that and i had forgotten how hilarious kids on field trips are.

also, i’ve been incommunicado (okay, comparatively) because i’m finally out of denial and reading like a madwoman for my qualifying exams in the spring. it’s a two hour oral exam on three reading lists. if you want to check it out, i’m doing the early twentieth century american list, later twentieth century american list, and asian american literature list. it should be interesting. want to read with me?

i’m actually surprised, winnie, that supersize me grossed you out so much. i was kind of underwhelmed by it even though i found it interesting. (well, then again my mass consumption of fake foods is suspect.) i read an article the other day about how texas is cracking down on soda and junk food in its grade school cafeterias since one in three kids there are overweight; apparently by the time they’re adults, they’ll be costing the government billions in health care. i do have to say, though, that my favorite part about the supersize me DVD was when they stuck a couple mcdonald’s meals and a hamburger/fries from a local place in huge glass jars and saw how long it took them to decompose. the local food went moldy in less than a week, the mcd’s meals went in a couple weeks, but months later the mcd’s fries looked like they had been bought yesterday—no mold, nothing. they are the food of immortality.


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