FIF 7.1: the return, the resurrection!
you put the mew! in music
(or, wussy galore)

1. pretty girls make graves – mr. club
2. xiu xiu – i luv the valley olt!
3. blonde redhead – in particular
4. modest mouse – bukowski
5. stars – krush
6. bonnie prince billy – a minor place
7. magnetic fields – i don’t believe you
8. broken social scene – anthems for a seventeen year-old girl
9. califone – dime fangs
10. stars – romantic comedy
11. beck – everybody’s gotta learn sometime
12. death cab for cutie – death of an interior decorator
13. sarah harmer – home soon
14. xiu xiu – suha
15. brian eno – st. elmo’s fire
16. bonnie prince billy – raining on darling
17. stars – international rock star
18. devendra banhart – fall

(on two of the mixes i sent out, * denotes a surprise #7, my morning jacket’s “mahgeeta,” in which case, all the numbers are shifted by one, obviously. this is because i was skirting the limit for data that could be written on the disc, so after two failed write attempts, i dropped that track (which was expendable anyhow).)

now fred, how’s this for an indie rock onslaught? i have to give props to aric, who made most of this mix possible (and from whose mixes i filched a few of these tracks). if i promised you a mix (you know who you are), you shall be receiving this in a week or so, barring any run-ins with hurricanes or unscrupulous postal workers. i have to say, i may very well have turned out a masterpiece this time.


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