you prob. don’t remember, but as promised here’s the third of three mixes that i’ve been wrestling with for the past few months. (for those of you just joining us, the first one was the guilty pleasures mix, and the second was a (mostly) upbeat mix.) this one i call my “kind of dark, kind of indie-ish mix”, although it’s not really that indie, but that was the feel i was going for. the three started off being one random melange of stuff i liked at the time and wanted to put on a mix, but it was way too schizo. hence the three thematic mixes. this one’s the most predictable of the three (i can just hear people groaning already: what? another pinback track? i purposely left off the cure and my chick triumvirate of tori/bjork/ani). but i figure i can slip into banality for this mix b/c my next mix (which is almost finished) is almost entirely new people; and i did manage to fit a few surprises into this one, like the xiu xiu track and the kate bush cover (which is fantastic by the way). i’m not crazy about some of the tracks (like radiohead, whose music seems to wane by the hour for me, and arab strap and phillip glass, although both of those have really grown on me), but they seemed to fit. and i was psyched to fit in three instrumentals (the first and last track and the glass track in the middle). i really really wanted to include a much better version of “microtonic wave” from when pinback was in boston, but the quality was just too poor. one last thing: i’ve gotta give a shout out to luke myers for what is undoubtedly one of the best covers i’ve heard recently, tori or no, and on a harpsichord no less. well, there it is.

out of love
1 saint etienne . interlude . roseneck
2 lovedrug . pretend you’re alive . in red
3 luke myers (orig. tori amos) . http://www.luke-myers.com . tombigbee
4 iggy pop . lust for life . neighborhood threat
5 xiu xiu . fabulous muscles . clowne towne
6 lauryn hill . mtv unplugged no. 2.0 . i get out [edited]
7 the shins . chutes too narrow . kissing the lipless
8 the smiths . strangeways, here we come . a rush and a push and the land
9 joy division . substance . transmission
10 pj harvey . uh huh her . the letter
11 glass, kronos quartet . string quartet #3 . mishima closing
12 arab strap . monday at the hug & pint . flirt
13 gorky’s zygotic mynci . spanish dance troupe . desolation blues
14 pinback . offcell (EP) . microtonic wave
15 kate bush . women talking dirty (sndtrk) . rocket man
16 radiohead . the bends . my iron lung
17 joe jackson . steppin’ out: the very best of joe jackson . it’s different for girls
18 my bloody valentine . loveless . when you sleep
19 cul de sac . immortality lessons . flying music from faust


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