i am all about the ribbon trim.

here’s all the knitting and crocheting i’ve been churning out lately.
preface: it’s becoming pretty clear that i knit the way i cook. that is, i lack this ability to follow patterns (and recipes) to the letter, adding here, subtracting there, making substitutions and combinations. sometimes it works. sometimes i have to start over (again and again and again).

first, there are these two ribbon strap tanks.
number one:

i made this ome a couple months ago. from the wrong angle, it makes me look a bit full in the belly, but i like the blouson-y shape. i found a similar in a phildar magazine much later.

number two:

this is the pattern from the summer ’04 interweave knits.

notice that my version doesn’t really look anything like it. however, i was really pretty psyched about how it turned out, as it’s got a good fit (much, much better than anything else i’d made previously). i couldn’t be bothered with knitting the picot trim straps, so i tied some satin ribbon on instead.

this is the lace pattern up close — it’s a serious bitch to knit if you don’t use stitch markers. i must have frogged and reknitted this fucking thing eight times. all told, it probably took about 15 hours.

last night, i finished another one, which started out as this (from same IK issue):

but then after i’d knitted a sleeve, i tried it on, and it looked terrible on me. i don’t think i have the scapulae for boat necklines. but then i paged through a back issue of IK until i found this:

so i ganked the split collar, lengthened and added a ribbed hemline, took out the sleeves and made cap sleeves. and i spent an hour or so last night sewing on this teal velvet ribbon:

success, no? i especially like it with this striped shirt.

the beginning of my afghan (this one promises to be a lengthy project):

the crocheted flowers (sorry for the poor picture quality. no flash + close up = crap photo):

which really needed this leather button:

alright. maybe this was a bit too much for two blog postings, but if i’m going to go to the trouble of transferring the photos to disc at home and then having to restart my work computer because it can’t read a cd AND operate more than two programs at a time, then dammit, all the photos are going up.


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