the NYT says that “hero,” zhang yi-mou & christopher doyle’s beautiful martial arts epic (see this brief article with slideshow of color themes from the film — jiuzhaigou really does look like that, by the way), is finally, finally (two years after its debut in asia, i think!) opening in new york on august 27. man, i wish i were around for that.

eating my vegetables.
i finally figured out that the only way to keep my market veg from going bad is to just eat it all. sounds simple, but you try cooking zucchini greens, a bunch of leeks, tomatoes, carrots & celery (which, sadly, seem to wilt the fastest), potatoes, and cauliflower in two days after 10-hr workdays in the office. yeah, i thought so. but i’ve rediscovered the wonderful vegetable catch-all that is soup. i made stock on monday, and i used it a few days ago to make an excellent mexican black bean soup (garlic, lime juice) and last night to start up a giant pot of chunky veg soup. perfect with a big slice of pa amb tomaqut.

lately, i’ve been hooked on chocolate & zucchini, a lovely blog gastronomique parisien. (have i already mentioned this site before? methinks so.) in any case, i wandered into clotilde’s old site from when she was working for a time in silicon valley, and she has this great list of american stereotypes, ranging from (my translation from her french): “americans have large cars” to “americans drink lots of soda” to — my favorite — “americans can buy corn flakes at three in the morning.”

on the crafty front:
i’d been on a major knitting binge the last few weeks or so, but making these garments or working on squares for this afghan-in-progress has become tedious and just plain boring. i’ve been intrigued lately by crocheted flowers that keep popping up everywhere and i’ve developed a new obsession for pins and brooches (the difference? i dunno.), so this morphed into an obsession with crocheting flower pins. my crocheting is a bit rusty, but i came up with my first successful flower last night, complete with knitted leaf (picture to follow at some point). it’s a mauve-colored pansy in cotton and i’m quite proud of it, i have to say. i did it all freehand without a pattern, just letting the crocheted shaping guide me. i was actually forced to go this route, as my complaint with all the crocheted flowers out there is their 2-Dness. i mean, they veritably scream “hey, i’m a crocheted flower! crocheted!!” i’m sure you have no idea what i’m talking about. but trust me. i’m discovering that crochet allows for some terrific sculptural shapes. and without a pattern, you get some lovely, very wabisabi effects. you’ll see what i mean once i get the photo up. first i must find some buttons and some velvet ribbon.


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