i went camping a couple weekends ago at sequoia national park with my friends kate and ian and had a great time. i remember we went fake-camping when i was little, but don’t remember if we actually slept in tents; so this was a new thing for me. we hiked during the day and went through some really beautiful areas inacessible except by walking. can i also just say that sequoias are amazing? it’s cliche but amazing to be confronted by a living thing more than 2000 years old. that and they’re hella huge. it was pretty peaceful up there except for the legions of families with little screaming kids. yay. 2 observations on nature: the altitude (aka the ‘tude) does weird things to bottles and bodies. it gets really cold at night in a tent even if you have a spiffy sleeping bag.
check out some pictures that ian’s posted at http://www.minihaus.org/life/

as soon as i returned from camping, i got to serve on a jury. i won’t bore you with the details, but i’d recommend it as a really interesting experience. sure it can be boring and a pain to take time off of work, but to see our legal system in action is both reaffirming as well as pretty damn scary. it’s not really like tv. so much depends on your representation though. the charge was against this 82 year old for driving on a suspended license. yikes.

i’m moving in a few weeks to an apartment several blocks away. more on that soon.


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