haven’t been much in the mood to post lately, probably b/c i’ve been a bit overwhelmed entertaining relatives from korea, worrying about my sister’s wedding (this saturday!!), and stressing about moving. i’ll be glad when this month’s over.

on a lighter note, have i already raved about bookcrossing.com? basically they promote releasing books “into the wild” (for example, on the subway), but i’ve found it’s a really great way to trade books i want to get rid of. you can check out the books i’ve registered or received here. among the so-so books i’ve read in the past couple of months:

she’s come undone: mostly skimmed through the last 1/3. about what i expected, i.e. too chick-y for me, but had some interesting bits.

the last of the mohicans: this book was sooo slow. only got 1/2way through this one.

the waste land and other poems: another 1/2way-read book. mostly irritating. for every 100 lines of eliot’s prohibitively obtuse poetry, only about 5 lines gave me a worthwhile revelation.

maus: a famous graphic novel about the treatment of jews during world war ii. didn’t really add anything new to the already huge body of works about the subject.

i’m going to be getting the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe in a bookcrossing trade soon. thinking about rereading the whole series, which i don’t think i’ve read since elementary school. we’ll see how that goes.


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