what does your poo say about you?
the english are a scatological bunch — this much is clear to me now. i’ve been visiting my sister here in the UK for the weekend and we’ve spent much of our time in the company of her friends from grad school talking about the state of our gastro-intestinal systems. yes, lovely subject. the title of this post is taken from the tagline of this ridiculous british tv show, called “you are what you eat,” where this shrivelly shrew-like nutritionist-woman forces these really orca-fat subjects to overhaul their truly disgusting diets. they go from like 40 liters of soda and 25 bags of crisps a week to like a bucket of kidney beans and a few egg whites. instrumental in the whole process is this analysis of their poo. which is usually quite disgusting. more so than the average poo, i suppose. but anyway, i can see why this show is so successful — with all the shit people eat here, no wonder they can’t shit properly. but it’s not like they have any sort of dearth of good food here; i’ve actually eaten quite decently, but all these sausages and chips i’ve been cramming in my craw aren’t agreeing so well with my poor tummy. ugh.

so, we’ve just returned from norwich, a mid-sized town in east anglia, right by the coast. in fact, we spent some of this morning at the beach, chucking dog toys in the ocean for the accompanying laborador to fetch. the beach was actually quite nice, if plain and a bit chilly. true to the nature of this country’s climate, the clouds rolled in when we drove up, but the pasty brits perservered in their pursuit (in vain) for a tan. i can’t decide if i prefer this cellulite-riddled white expanse of flesh, or if the leathery tanned hides of the riviera sunbathers is all that much better. we’ve been watching some of the olympics lately. it’s sort of interesting to see the sort of event coverage you get in a different country. i mean, did you know that synchronized diving is an actual olympic event?


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