i’ve been on a bit of a mix-making kick lately. i started off trying to use up a bunch of tracks that i’ve had lying around for ages, but it ended up being a really bad mix so in the end i split them up into three mixes. the last of these but the one that was easiest to finish was (against my better judgement) a trashy pop mix. originally an idea for a fat is flavor group mix, i ended up digging up some real gems. (like the paula cole track. the breathy way she sings and the line “or is it just ‘sorry’?” is simply priceless.) a fun mix, although it’s such a guilty pleasure that i feel a bit ashamed to listen to it on my headphones in public.

baby baby baby
nights of endless (guilty) pleasure
july 18, 2004

1 celine dion . it’s all coming back to me now (radio edit)
2 dave matthews band . ants marching
3 kym mazelle . young hearts run free
4 tantric . breakdown
5 pink . there you go
6 paula cole . i don’t want to wait (radio edit)
7 coldplay . yellow
8 TLC . lovesick
9 the cranberries . animal instinct
10 duncan sheik . on a high
11 alanis morissette . you oughta know
12 fantasia barrino . i believe (live)
13 the strokes . last nite
14 christina aguilera . genie in a bottle
15 pearl jam . jeremy
16 bangles . eternal flame
17 basement jaxx . romeo
18 third eye blind . the background
19 sinad o’connor . hold back the night


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