dare un occhiata: to have a look at (l’occhiata = glance; l’occhio = eye)

one of my favorite boutiques in brooklyn — nay, new york — is run by the inimitable stacey joy elkin, knitting impresario extraordinaire and woman of impeccable taste. in today’s blog roundup (which includes hers), i discovered art-o-mat, a very cool nationwide (more or less) installation of vending machines (which sold cigs in their previous lives) that hawk art. apparently, there’s a couple in new york, but i’ve not ever come across one — not even the one in the whitney. though maybe i was distracted by my visit being too early for the biennial. sadly, there don’t seem to be any in boston (but maybe a trip to northampton is in order), fred, but there’s one in detroit, tim, at some place called CPOP. and one at the MOCA in LA, joyce. and foo, i dunno where oceanside is, but it doesn’t sound too close to SF. hey! if any of you make it out to one of these machines, can you send me something?

but back to stacey joy’s house of wonders: get thee to RedLipstick! but don’t take all of the good stuff.

lately, i’ve been listening to alot of internet radio. specifically somafm(.com)’s indie pop rocks. i am liking:

the decemberists – billy liar, song for myla goldberg
sleater-kinney – #1 must have, leave you behind
jay farrar – hanging on to you
blonde redhead – in particular, anticipation
pretty girls make grave – mr. club

the concept of seasonality is only really becoming real to me now. even though the nyc greenmarket can be pretty convincing in that respect (the four-month stretch in winter of apples and potatoes, for example, and peter hoffman (chef at savoy) as perma-patron, as evidence), there’s always the temptation — and the access! — to get things that may not be in season but are grown because hell, when new yorkers want it, they want it now. blueberries in january? okay! but this morning at the market in bra, i just noticed that cherries have disappeared since my last visit two weeks ago, before my new york visit. and they’ve been replaced by the motherlode of stone fruits: albicocche (apricots) everywhere. and now, joined by these grape-sized dark plums (called “ramassin” in dialect, i think) with juicy, sweet flesh and small pits. i also came across some type of summer squash — crookneck, i think, and the lady tells me they’re a bit sweeter than zucchini. and those hop shoots, where have they gone? luppolo only lasts for a few weeks, apparently. so right now, we’ve still got tons of tomatoes, string beans (but favas are all but gone, as are peas), salad greens, peaches, plums, melon, the last of the young onions (with green tops attached; these are noticeably larger than those a few weeks ago), and the long-awaited return of figs (mostly green).


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