neither here nor there.

i got back into italy yesterday afternoon and was promptly greeted by a mountain of work email. i’ve finally slogged through it all, more or less. apologies for slacking on posting the rest of my italy pictures. it’ll happen eventually, i promise. weirdly enough, when i got to new york, i felt like i’d never left, and now that i’m back in bra, i feel, well, like i’ve never left.

in the past 11.5 days in new york, tim and i got massages (metamorphosis day spa: highly recommended); shopped at century 21 (and emerged 3 hours later with just a belt and some pretty intense claustrophobia), in and around east & west village, the LES, soho (ugh and double ugh), and various nabes in brooklyn; met up with fred & andy for korean (cho dang gol: they seem to be slipping in quality) and drinks and snacks at craftbar; watched the fourth of july fireworks from the end of atlantic ave (even the cynic in me will vouch that they’re pretty spectacular. cynic pipes up: but they were the same as last year’s!); went to a barbecue in rockland county and lolled about a pond up there; drove down to brighton beach to catch some rays (cut short by the truly awful smell drifting over the sand) and ate — finally — at difara’s in midwood; saw “spiderman 2” (excellent), “dodgeball” (hilarious. painfully funny, in fact), “fahrenheit 9/11” (depressing as hell but obligatory), and “anchorman” (shite. absolute shite.); went to the yankees vs tigers game last wednesday; and ate and ate and ate.

we met up with suzie & amy at this new place on flatbush and 5th, i think, called franny’s. sietsema just reviewed it in the voice last week, and his assessment is pretty spot-on. i had a serviceable little squid salad and the pizzas looked decent, but i’ll have to let the others give their opinion, as i had issued myself an italian food moratorium. clearly, difara’s was an exception. i’d been trying to persuade tim to go to this pizzeria for nearly a year and a half now, and i think now he finally comprehends dominic demarco’s awesomeness. there’s definitely a lengthy wait for pie, but well worth it: i mean, the guy sauts all the veg first before putting it on the pizzas! our special pie (sausage, peppers, mushroom) was much, much eclipsed by the artichoke pie, which could very well be the best damn pizza i’ve ever had in new york. which, needless to say, is saying alot.

we had some quality cheeseburgers at westville, though the fries were a bit lackluster. hot dogs at danny meyer’s shake shack retain all the glory of the modest cart of past years, but my jungle ice cream concoction was a bit too melty to qualify as a “concrete” — especially one supposedly worthy of comparison to ted drewes. clam chowder at pearl oyster bar was disappointing, rather lacking in clams, but the lobster rolls were their usual glorious lobster-heaped-upon-lobster selves. dinner at prune was memorable as always: sweetbreads and duck parts in consomm for me, and suckling pig (and scrambled eggs with morels?) for tim. we also did the blowout sushi send-off at blue ribbon sushi and snarfed down a sizeable omakase in like, 20 minutes.

i miss new york already.


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