finally finished this neverending mix. (while we’re on the subject, i also finally put up my new and improved list of mixes i’ve made. i still have to go back and add some of the older stuff, but you can go ahead and marvel at it now.) at first i wanted to do a non-vocal mix of all types of genres, but i couldn’t really find enough non-classical stuff so i just mostly stuck w/ classical (the exceptions being the two music box bjork tracks and the ravi shankar track). some of these tracks are super short, some super long; all of them feature a solo instrument. i also tried to find tracks featuring something other than violin, cello, and piano. i think it turned out to be an interesting mix of different types of classical music. so here’s the tracklisting. w00t.

o mio solo mix
1 bjork . vespertine . frosti [edited]
2 bach, heinrich schiff . cello suite #2 in dm . i prelude
3 vores, regina shenderovich . preludes . prelude #1: twinkletoes
4 torke, john harle/albany SO . saxophone concerto . iii
5 britten, julian bream . nocturnal . iii restless
6 szymanowski, chantal juillet/montral SO/dutoit . violin concerto #2 . i moderato, molto tranquillo
7 stravinsky, maurizio pollini . 3 movements from petrushka . iii la semaine grasse.
8 vivaldi, oleg talipin/renaissance CO/korchin . concerto for bassoon in am . ii andante molto
9 britten, mstislav rostropovich . cello suite #1 . iii moto perpetuo e canto quarto: presto
10 bach, glenn gould . the well-tempered clavier, book 1 . prelude #20 in am
11 ravi shankar . in new york . nala bhairavi
12 britten, dennis brain . serenade for tenor, horn, and strings . prologue
13 cage, margaret leng tan . suite for toy piano . #2
14 harbison, janine jansen . four songs of solitude . song #4
15 debussy, soloist?/georgian FO/kahi . danses . danse sacre
16 scarlatti, michael lewin . sonata in dm (andante)
17 bjork . cocoon (UK, EP#2) . pagan poetry (music box)


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