food porn at home and away

last night we cooked out of the csa box again:
baked pasta with pesto and zucchini (using last week’s pesto made with last week’s basil — we have more basil for this week). cheese (asiago, fontina, and mozz), pasta, and tomatoes not from csa box.
green bean salad — green beans, quickly blanched, tossed with olive oil, garlic (finely chopped to a paste), parsley (from the herb garden on the back stairwell).
apricot bars with walnuts, made from apricots from last week. still a bag from this week, i’ll bake some sort of bread and perhaps freeze it..

last week i went to dinner somewhere in portrero hill. i can’t remember the name — it was a great dinner and astonishingly reasonably priced. dinner for two with a shared appetizer, dessert, and 1/2 bottle came out to be about $80 including tip. i had the fish special, which was a hawaiian fish (not mahi mahi but like it). my dinner partner had a taglioni (?) dish with various cheeses and i forget what else. the bruschetta was amazing — i can’t remember what was on it, but it was excellent and a pasty green (maybe artichoke derived?) with some sort of broad bean and some yummy cheese on top. see, i don’t pay attention to menus until i eat the food, and then it’s too late. for dessert we had a chocolate souffle, which completely destroyed me.

last weekend in seattle was a delight — dan took me to wild ginger in exchange for painting his apartment, and i can’t even begin to describe the yumminess we had there. we ended it with an excellent apricot tart which involved almond paste.

if you ever pass through the detroit airport, gayle’s chocolates (near gate 20) has some excellent chocolates. the choc-covered mini oreos and the dark chocolate truffles were a hit with my lab.


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