andy and i went to ana sortun’s oleana (134 hampshire, near kendall and inman sq) on saturday. i’m surprised we haven’t been there earlier since it’s one of the favorite restaurants of a group of andy’s friends that we eat out w/ fairly regularly. anyway, we were outside in the surprisingly large back and it was a great setting, although rather cold. i had the vegetarian tasting menu. here’s the food porn channel run down [actually i started writing this and found my memory to be woefully lacking. then i got the bright idea to look up the menu online.] 1) a little lump of pureed carrot (but more like finely grated, dense and chilled) w/ an “egyptian” spice mixture + a little lump of “armenian bean and walnut p�t�” w/ homemade string cheese on the side. the bean and walnut thing was kind of dense and chewy. kind of weird. 2) the salad special. mostly arugula, roasted fennel (mm), and peaches. what can you say? it was a salad. 3) a side from one of the day’s specials. olive puree w/ sugar snap peas (mm), something green (i forget. cress maybe?), and a bit of potato puree. 4) another side from one of the day’s specials. filo wrapped around a roasted red pepper and corn mixture. side of fresh corn in a creamy sauce. 5) two little breaded cheese thingies. the dessert it came w/ wasn’t so great. i forget what it was exactly; some sort of white nougat thing. but we also had this bing cherry granita w/ cr�me fra�che that was good. not too sweet. one of the better desserts i’ve had. all in all, this one’s def a keeper. (btw, 3 of the 4 people i went w/ had the steak special, which they said was great.) i was reminded that i haven’t been back to casablanca; i should check that out again as well.


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