pluto’s, inner sunset, irving and 7th
Fresh veggies but generally uninspired. One of these trendy joints that makes you stand in line and carry a ‘ticket’ that get holes punched in it as you order stuff. I had the sandwich of the day, something with turkey and melted cheese. The string beans were ordinary. In the future, I’d pick a salad instead. or maybe a side salad with a side of meat.

citizen cake, hayes valley, grove at gough
A rather upscale place — dinner with wine and dessert ended up being about $40 apiece including tax and tip. The portions are not large, but not skimpy. Decently slow on a weekday, with full tables but no wait — although we made reservations. I had the duck (which is now my favorite meat), which came with a bit of watercress and some carmelized turnips (or were they parsnips?). The sauce was perfect for the duck. The waitress had recommended the pork chop over the duck, which a couple people got, but those that tasted both claimed that the duck was the winner. We got three parfaits for the table to share — German chocolate parfait, some banana one with a funky name, and “Je Ne Sais Parfait”. The last one came from the dessert menu, the first two from the case up front. The chocolate was by far my favorite. I’ve also had the shag cake (which is a passionfruit cake) and some other chocolate cake on a separate occasion, and those are heavenly. I’ll go back for lunch someday, which is a much cheaper ($10-$15 entrees, compared to the $20-$25 dinner entrees).


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