tales from britain, pt ii.

connie, via AIM, reports:
here’s england for you. i went to the dentist this morning and they wanted to do xrays on my teeth to make sure eveything was ok. they put the xray things in my mouth and start taking xrays

meanwhile while i’m sitting there, i realise that i don’t have any lead protector vest on, so i say to the dentist (to make sure nothing happens), “you know, in the states, i usually wear a lead vest”

and he says, “they only wear them if you’re pregnant.”
and then i said, “well, you didn’t ask me if i was pregnant.”
to which, he then i asked if i was pregnant (after he had already taken 3 xrays)
of course i was like, no i’m not pregnant…. but that’s not the point

connie: i’m sure this is why they hate americans, but this is also why they have bad teeth and malformed children with weak chins — because they don’t let people wear lead vests while getting xrays


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