fabulous day for the garden! i walked back there this morning, not having been there for the past couple days. it’s misty and gray this morning. But there were two bright bursts of orange-yellow from the zucchini plant, with some gorgeous blossoms. The potato plants have small buds (when they bloom I get to rummage around for new potatoes), the edamame is just peeking through. These nasturtiums I have are crazy — one is about to bloom, the bud is a bright pink with a couple petals trying to get out — the bud was on a short stem the last time I saw it, and it just shot up way above the leaves. There’s a golden ladybug that lives in my sunflower. Even the tomatoes are budding. This african daisy I nearly killed by not watering it prior to transplanting has formed a ton of new buds — the runt strawberry plant that i replanted is finally growing larger leaves — this plant i bought from the arboretum and also nearly killed bloomed for a second time, with more blossoms — This is insane.

Also last night I got my first box from Terra Firma CSA. Oh. My. God. It contained a pint of the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted in my life. SO sweet, SO juicy, “essence of strawberry” as Naomi put it. Also a pint of bing cherries (yummy, and i don’t even like cherries), 6 kiwis, 5 little summer squash, 3 green garlic, 5 beets, and a bag of spinach. That is so worth my 13 bucks.


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