silly stuff about chips …

here’s a bit of a conversation i had over AIM w/ a friend of mine who’s spending the year in china and was telling me about how much he misses spaghetti:

fred: they don’t have doritos over there?
mike: they have lays
mike: but funky flavour man
fred: hahahaha
mike: chinese noodle, roasted lamb, hot peppers, beijing duck
mike: kinda nasty to tell u the truth
fred: those are the flavors??
mike: and the normal kind barely has any flavor
mike: some of them are even worse
fred: like what??
mike: they have some chinese vegetable flavor
mike: so gross man
mike: and bean curd

my sister sends me random articles. this one (Pringles potato snack to get printed designs) had a really funny quote:

    “Pringles is the leader and founder of the stacked crisp category and now we’re taking it to a whole new level,” said Jamie Egasti, vice president of the firm’s North America snacks division. “With the introduction of Pringles Prints, we have developed a new way to delight consumers by adding fun and excitement to one of kids’ favorite lunchtime snacks while delivering incremental volume growth for our customers.”

you heard it here first.


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