holy shit! MCOG!

does anyone else remember “mysterious cities of gold”? i used to watch this anime series all the time at a friends house when i was maybe 6 or 7 (i think it was broadcasted only on nickelodeon, and we didn’t have cable until i was 11). i was trying to track down some organic farmers to invite to terra madre, so i googled mcog and discovered that there are other people (mostly british) who remember it fondly as well!

i can still hum strains of the theme song, but mostly i remember there being really exciting, well-written plots (though what that could possibly mean from a 6-year old, i’m not so sure). it’s about these kids who go in search of lost treasure in the andes. something about aztecs or eldorado, i think.

anyone want to download these episodes for me?

in other news, new york has discovered lupolo! lupolo, or hops, are those wild, asparagus-looking stalks that the little old men and women gather wild and sell at the market here. $6.99 for 2 oz?! the shit costs like 25 cents here!


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