just finished a mix the other day. here’s the tracklisting. this was another of my one-hit wonders mixes, where i hardly know anything about most of these bands and only like one or two of their songs. this time around i concentrated solely on guitar-centric bands, and it turned out to be an interesting mix i think, with a lot of influences from punk and country. so winnie, did i pick the right ima robot track? 😉

all that’s left behind

1 porcupine tree . in absentia . trains
2 versus . dead leaves . bright light
3 beta band . high fidelity (soundtrack) . dry the rain
4 the sundays . reading, writing and arithmetic . you’re not the only one i know
5 rolling stones . forty licks . wild horses
6 fugazi . 13 songs . burning too
7 the getaway people . self-titled . she gave me love
8 the fly seville . carousel . shiny sweet
9 our lady peace . happiness is not a fish that you can catch . thief
10 the old 97’s . satellite rides . question
11 the breeders . last splash . invisible man
12 interpol . turn on the bright lights . pda
13 mission of burma . self-titled . academy fight song
14 ima robot . self-titled . 12=3
15 the replacements . camp (soundtrack) . skyway
16 james . laid . one of the three
17 king crimson . thrak . walking on air
18 archers of loaf . icky mettle . web in front
19 tinfed . music from and inspired by m:i-2 (soundtrack) . immune
20 creeper lagoon . take back the universe and give me yesterday . under the tracks


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