overview of my veggie patch

Here’s a photo of the main part of my veggie patch — two side-by-side lots of about 4’x4′. One raised and boxed in with the beginnings of a vertical support.

In the box, from left to right:
far row:
sweet 100 cherry tomato (purchased as a plant from the CA Horticultural Society sale)
better boy hybrid tomato (started from seed)
baby nantes carrots (too small to see in the photo really)
spaghetti squash
snow peas (they kind of blend into the background but they are there)

2nd from rear:
bibb lettuce & radishes (the rejects of the ones i already ate)
marigolds (getting ready to bloom any day now)
baby carrots
more marigolds
mammoth sunflower

2nd from front:
empty square is seeded with wax beans and argula — the arugla has sprouted, the wax beans haven’t shown up yet.
garlic, which is getting too much water and probably rotting. this fall i’ll plant some in a corner of the yard that won’t be getting water.
carrots, some variant with hi beta carotene
radish leaf

front row:
2 strawberry plants (one on left is the one i dug up and replanted last weekend, in hopes of alleviating the stuntedness)
leaf lettuce and radishes (about 2 wks old)

in the unframed lot (hard to see):
foreground: 3 potato plants
background: 2 zucchini plants, baby bok choy
seeded in that lot are various salad greens, swiss chard, spinach, and edamame.

it’s all surrounded by wheat and rye grasses.


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