had jury duty this week in dorchester. this is the second time that i’ve had it, but it turned out to be fine. unlike last time, this time i actually got tapped to sit on a case, but then after waiting around for a while at the last minute the guy pleaded guilty so i got to go home early.

the day turned out to be worthwhile anyway, b/c i found this great vegan place called cafe mosheh in the middle of dorchester right across from the courthouse. (for hours and location see the entry at http://www.bostonveg.org.) i have no idea how it got there, but i think it might be vegan due to some religious belief. but anyway, it was good. as a snack i had some cold stuffed shells, which instead of ricotta had a tasty tofu mixture. mmm. then out of curiosity i tried the tofu chocolate pie (which looks like they get from someone else) which was also good, although the texture got to be too dry on the tongue. for lunch i had the teriyaki tofu w/ brown rice and collard greens. mmm mmm. i’m def. going to have to trek all the way out to this place again. it’s about an 8 minute walk from the shawmut T stop on the redline.

this is yet another old thing, but i had to post a scan of this easter candy from CVS. it’s so bizarre! but funny. what in the world does the computer have to do w/ easter? looks like our easter bunny is going to email us some easter eggs.


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