wow, foo! i’m so impressed by the greenness of your thumb. both thumbs (and toes too). what kind of succulents are you planting? i’m intrigued by this world of botany, as i recently purchased some strange short chive-looking things at the town market, that the guy called “agretto,” and that a colleague calls “agreglio”. (it’s probable that i’m spelling both words incorrectly.) anyway, the guy at the market told me to boil this water-retaining vegetable like spinach. i don’t boil my spinach, but i tried it, and it wasn’t half bad tasting. texture more like seaweed than anything else. smelled a bit funny in cooking, however. anyway, i’ve been trying to figure out what exactly it is, and a googling — as googling is wont to do — led me to this rapturous account of a meal at girardet.

most searches for “succulents” lead me to cacti, and this doesn’t look like any cactus i’ve ever seen before. more like fat grass.

in other news, have you all seen subservient chicken yet? thanks, amy.


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