today i finally ventured out to torino. i managed to score a ride there and then took my maiden voyage via trenitalia on the way back. ugo dropped me off around 10am, and i headed straight for this yarn store at via mazzini, 44, which is a really beautiful little shop, and reminds me of purl in soho: stuffed to the gills with color, color, color. and yes! i admit it! i’m starting an italian yarn stash. can someone cure me of this substance dependence?

i managed to get -some- of my consumer impulses out of the way today, as i wended my way through the city center. the architecture reminds me a little of piazze i’ve seen before, in genova, in nice, in various parts of spain even. honestly, it was a relief to be in a big city again. after living in boston and new york for six-odd years, i just find these little towns stifling. claustrophobia-inducing. really, i’ve just felt stranded.

i also managed to get a haircut. after a few enquiries, i was directed to forbie, this place right on the giant main piazza castello. they didn’t take appointments, so i joined the queue of bored-looking ragazze (girls) and a couple long-suffering boyfriends that were in tow, and waited maybe seventy-five minutes (!) for my haircut. all the while getting weird looks from said girls in their pointy heels and incredibly-well-cut jackets, and spangly handbags. (i don’t think i’ve mentioned this, but italians are obsessed with handbags and shoes. sounds like new york, huh? well, seriously, these girls take it to another level. i hadn’t eaten all day, so my flag of comprehension was flying at half mast, but i managed to hear some mention of dolce & gabbana. go figure.

when it finally came my turn, i told the stylist to give me “un taglio figo,” and she was completely taken aback by my usage of slang (for “cool”) and rewarded me with a “brava!” and look of incredulity. i’ve now got a more extreme version of my former punk rock mullet: shorn close to the head on one side, short and spikey on top, long on the other side, and party in the back. no pictures yet, sorry. i still haven’t figured out how i’m going to upload them without a connection at home and a limping imac at work.

stracciatella (choco chip) and cioccolata gelato in one hand, shopping bags in the other: life isn’t so bad.

pre-discovery that there is life outside of piccola bra: in the three weeks that i’ve been in italy, i’ve knitted a sweater and read six books — most recently: bitter almonds (mary-taylor simeti), cod (mark kurlansky), the tipping point (malcolm gladwell), and middlesex (jeffrey eugenides). all highly recommended.


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