never underestimate the power of nostalgia … a while back i found a site where you could get some old old old old school games. i’m talking about the ones from way back in the days of pixels the size of your hand and bleeps and bloops from the sound card-less apple ii computers.

download number munchers: as good as you remember. i mean, how can you not get a thrill when you see a trogdor nearby? this version has difficulty settings you can adjust, so if you’re a bit beyond “factors of 10” you can try “factors of 812”.

download super munchers: i think this is a newer game in the series. you’ll get categories such as “countries in south america” (which turns out to be much harder than you’d think). also has a food category, haha.

download gertrude’s secrets: wow, i remember this one from waaaay back. from the same folks that brought you reader rabbit. this one’s a puzzle game. hours of fun even though it only has four colors. haha.


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