indie rock is alive and well in italia.

on monday night, i went to a show in turin at hiroshima mon amour, a popular venue in these parts. alias, this oakland, CA-based electronic/hip hop artist opened for lali puna. both sets were totally solid. alias reminds me not a little of dj shadow and boards of canada, and if you like ms. john soda, you’ll also like lali puna. they’re both german, both on the same label, and i’ve been told they’re friends. and both rock harder live (and hardly rock out at all on their respective albums.) show-wise, it was remarkably similar to any nyc experience that i’ve had. so much so, that for a minute there, i could close my eyes and pretend i was back at the bowery ballroom, surreptitiously checking out the hipsters to the left, the teeny boppers making out to the right, the creepy old man in the corner.

ugo, my new indie rock buddy here, tells me that all information about shows in italy can be found here. and that bologna is a veritable hotbed of indie rock fandom. and that in the summer, italy is the place to be if you like going to shows.

i also had my first real beer since leaving brooklyn at the show and it really made me miss my brooklyn weiss and new york bars. i mean all this nebbiolo and barbera is fine and lovely to quaff, but sometimes, what one really wants — what one really needs — is a proper beer.


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