(lifted in part from an email to joyce and an IM to tim)

last night i attended the 2nd evening of “corto in bra,” the annual short film festival in town. it’s actually pretty impressive what they’ve managed to put on here. i got to meet les blank last night! he’s this totally kickass hippie documentary-maker, and i’d been searching for his garlic movie (“garlic is as good as ten mothers”) forever. (turns out he hawks them online at lesblank.com.) they screened his movie about cajun food and music, “yum, yum, yum!”. how could you not love a movie thus entitled?

there were two other highlights of the evening (which lasted from 9pm until 12:30am), both german. the first was a claymation short mocking various diets & diet commercials. this big fat naked clay woman tries all these various diets that change her appearance (carrot diet turns her into a rabbit, all-water diet turns her into a fish, pills turn her into a lunatic purple-headed, white-spotted freak), and all the while a funny voiceover with a posh british accent runs in the background. the second was an actual commercial that opens with a happy german farmer surveying his beautiful wheat field and moves through scenes with his happy chickens, chasing his happy pigs and happy children. but then they show his happy cow shitting a giant turd and you know something’s up. the commercial ends with the farmer contemplating and then “PPPBBBBBBBTTTTTT,” he lets out a long, loud fart, and the screen reads “alle biologische.” or “totally organic.”



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