random but old pic (b/c no one else posts pic on this blog, hint hint) …

BBC News, April 9, 2004

    Triple D Farm and Hatchery, in Palmer, injects the eggs with dye to produce multi-coloured baby chicks.

    Children visiting the farm in the run-up to Easter were met with more than 400 orange, red, green, purple, pink and blue chickens and ducks.

in other news, recently saw a movie that i bet winnie’s already seen, called babette’s feast, (aka babettes gstebud). it’s this story about a woman who flees france and ends up living with two elderly religious sisters in a small town in denmark. the story was pretty straightforward, but the direction, characters, and acting were good, and the last scene was quite memorable. won the 1988 oscar for best foreign film.

also, after having resisted for a while i sat down and watched absolutely fabulous – complete series 1 (aka ab fab). i’d seen an episode or two before and really wasn’t into it (for the same reasons no doubt that a sizable number of gay men are into it), but after having gotten into french and saunders (fantastic british comedy duo) andy and i have gone back and watched some of their solo work. in case you don’t know, ab fab’s mostly about an irresponsible mother and her long-suffering daughter. here’s a funny excerpt from the first season that’ll give you a good idea of what the show’s like:

    Edina Monsoon: Sweetie, make mama a cup’a’coffee. You’re so clever and you know where everything is, don’t you? I think it’s marvelous that you know where things are. I think you’re marvelous.
    Saffron Monsoon: Flattery won’t turn me into your slave. The coffee is on the table in front of you. Pick up a spoon, put coffee in cup, pour on boiling water …
    Edina Monsoon: … and scald my hand and get third degree burns, screaming in agony. Do you really want THAT on your conscience this morning, darling?
    Saffron Monsoon: Alright.
    Edina Monsoon: Thank you, darling. Not instant, darling. Not instant. Grind some beans for God’s sake. Instant coffee: beans that’ve been cremated. I don’t want THEM. I want them entire, full with life force today. Would you not pull that face while you grind? I don’t really want to drink a cup full of your anger.


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