i purchased a stove lighter last night. it ignites through some sparking piezoelectric mechanism that actually only seems to work 10% of the time. but it’s better than snapping dozens and dozens of matches in half. I went to an alimentari (or gourmet food shop) the other day to get some good olive oil, and also picked up some sage. at the supermercato, you have to weigh the produce yourself and then tag it with a sticker, so i went to ask the proprietor of the little shop if i had to do that. he thought and i was asking what the stuff was: “salvia! salvia — con burro, un po’ di sale e pepe e bavette…mmmm.” incidentally, this is how i usually use sage anyway. chiffonaded (cut up into ribbons: roll up all the leaves and fold into a little packet, then cut into narrow strips), cooked in a good chunk of butter and/or olive oil and tossed into cooked bavette (thin spaghetti) with salt, pepper, and some parm grated on top. and that’s what i’ve been cooking for the past couple of days.

i am in dire, desperate need of american pop culture. i already memorized the one book i brought with me from the states, and i could really use some reading material. any recommendations? or music — tell me what’s on your playlists right now. all i do when i go home at night is pretty much cook dinner and knit.


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