quick restaurant tour
Where I went with my parents..

Taiwan Restaurant, 6th and Geary in the Richmond District
Pretty authentic food from Taiwan and elsewhere. The noodles are excellent — I had some dish with noodles and a bit of ground beef and pork tripe. You can watch them make those Chinese crullers in the window. The shiao long bao were good but not excellent. Cheap with cheap decor — the best thing for a Saturday morning brunch.

The Slanted Door, Ferry Building, Embarcadero
There’s been enough said about this restaurant. They’ve moved into their new digs at the Ferry Building and have a breathtaking view of the Bay Bridge. It’s a great place to go for any reason. I’ve been once for lunch in the temporary location and once for dinner this time — they were both excellent. It’s not so much the stunning-ness of any one dish as it is the overall flavors and presentation. You might want to order family style — you’ll get your entree on a separate plate which makes this easy. They also had the perfect dessert for when you are too full to eat dessert — Apricot almond pudding with fresh mango and white wood ear.

PPQ Dungeoness Island, 25th and Geary in the Richmond District
Great dungeoness crabs. Great sea bass — although a bit on the sweet side. Great garlicky noodles in a portion too large for you to even think about finishing. Great everything, pretty much. Not cheap.

Koi Palace, Serramonte Exit off I-280, Daly City
Fancy-schmancy dim sum that you really only want to eat when someone else is paying. My favorite — the “Peking duck burrito” (horrible name, I’d say), and the egg custards with birds nest on top.

Earlier this week I made a repeat visit to Pesce in Russian Hill, which was just as excellent as the first time I went. Everything they have on their menu is such a wonderful combination of flavors. I can’t even recommend anything because it was all dreamily good.
Maybe I’ll write about it sometime when I stop drooling over it.


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