andy and i went to new york this weekend to see winnie before she leaves us forever. 😦 we went to the cooper-hewitt and saw the christopher dresser exhibit. dresser was a designer in the late 1800’s, but a lot of his work looks completely contemporary. the exhibit was -really- good. actually i think i liked it better than the triennial. just check out the flash animation on the site about the exhibit — it’ll make you want to go.

the whitney biennial was about as so-so as the other time i’ve been to the whitney. there were some things there that were worth seeing, but so much of it was the same old junk that it was easy to get through it pretty quickly. it was really crowded when we left, though, so if you go you should be forewarned.

we also saw the revival of stoppard’s jumpers (imported from london’s national theater). apparently it’s not one of his best shows, but it was entertaining enough. the play lacks any character development and doesn’t have much of a plot, and its philosophy is pretty trite, about on the level of an introductory course. but the acting was generally good, as was the production.

also finally got around to seeing gypsy with the incomparable bernadette peters. that was quite good, although the show does have its flaws, but still it was great to finally see bernie live.

stayed at the hudson. funky, although the rooms are a bit small. had brunch there on sunday and although andy wasn’t that impressed w/ his eggs and chicken hash, i thought my waffle w/ fruit and a strawberry and apple compote was quite good.

winnie’s leaving this week. WAAH!


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