a while ago i made a copy of the index to the rough guide to classical music, which is a bit too heavy on modern british composers but is otherwise a great survey of the classical music literature. i’ve put up the text here. how many of these pieces do you know?

also a while back i read a book called american folk tales and songs collected by a guy named richard chase. the stories were rather quaint, but generally entertaining, esp. the dialect. the highlight, though, were these texts from graves from around the turn of the century. succinct yet oh so eloquent.

Franky Davis his wife
age 87
dide Sep 10 1842
she had nirve fite wolves all nite at shogar camp to save her caff
throde fier chonks the camp wars half mile from home
noe she must have nirv to fite wolf all nite

Joseph Carpenter
ag 18
did aug 18 1862
he fot for his contery
los his lif.

Kim Kone
ag 73
dide oc 15 1888
wars black smith he had 6 girles that cod work in shop tha[y] wars 6 feet hy

David Frank
age 72
dide Dec 22 1891
wars fine man mad[e] some brandy wars good

Samel Hoskin
ag 70
dide may 5 1896
wars farmer
and grate lier


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