it’s only the ides of march and i’m sweating. who would’ve ever thought that I would consider 75 to be WAY TOO HOT?

later this week it is going to ‘cool down’ to the 60s. i think i’m living in paradise.

sprouting report:
the radishes are doing great, one set looks like it got munched on, and one spot didn’t grow, but the rest look really happy.
the garlic is almost completely sprouted.
marigolds popped up this weekend, as did the zucchini (which is huge seedling! and is wearing a seed hat) and the tomatoes. they were growing before my eyes. the salad bowl lettuce just started showing its leaves late yesterday.
in general the seeds are doing much better indoors than out. the ones inside weren’t even planted until midweek and they just shot out of their pots.

this week i’m cooking out of Cooking for Mr. Latte again. Bowties with lemon, herbs, and ricotta salata. Succotash with goat cheese. Cobb salad. The nice lady behind the cheese counter directed me to the Ricotta Salata, which is definitely not ricotta cheese in a margarine tub.

I also paid a visit to the SF Tool Lending Center this weekend. It’s soooooooooooooo cool. Now I can use all the right tools to dig up my backyard. I’m thinking about making patio furniture, I think that might be fun.


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