i recently acquired my new favorite cookbook, paula wolfert’s slow mediterranean kitchen. it’s one of the very few books out there in which each recipe just begs to be created (and recreated). there’s pork stew with prunes and onions; a raw rhubarb (!), cucumber, and mint salad; sardines en escabeche; braised lamb shanks; braised veal; braised pork (see why i love it so?). most of the recipes require a little time to coax out glorious, profound flavors and supple, melt-in-the-mouth textures from the ingredients. i have to get a meat thermometer so i can make the olive-oil poached salmon fillet. it sounds so. damn. good.

it didn’t feel like a night for cooking, so on the way home, i picked up some fixins’ from the soul spot, a newish southern/soul food joint just a couple blocks away from me. holy shit, those collard greens are so-o-o-o delicious. i had no idea collards could be this damn good! the girl behind the register recommended the baked chicken, which was quite excellent, and i also chose a mac’n’cheese side, which was just middling. the corn bread was quite sweet — definitely yankee style (but i guess we’re not exactly Down South, are we now?) — but i’m not one to say no to corn bread in whatever guise, shape, creed, or color.

just watched terry gilliam’s “time bandits.” vestiges of monty python all over it (as opposed to “brazil” or “12 monkeys”), and all kinds of terry gilliam/monty python regulars prancing about in the film. i recall gilliam mentioning in “the man of la mancha” that “time bandits” hadn’t done all that well at the box office, and i don’t see why not. though, i have difficulty understanding people who don’t think python’s all that funny. (they clearly have no sense of humor. no good one anyway.) i found myself only laughing out loud once during this movie, but it had many little amusing bits. the kid who plays kevin looks remarkably like the kid in “the gladiator.” particularly once sean connery shows up in his mycenaean outfit. good movie, though, all in all. especially good to knit to.


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