garden update

If I could find my flash card reader, I could take pictures and show you my garden progress. This weekend Matt came to visit and we started our thorough overhaul of the garden. He trimmed down three large trees that were super bushy and turned them back into trees, leaving a huge pile of brush in the yard. I set up my vegetable garden with an edge and a frame for growing tomatoes and squash. We also reclaimed some of the concrete that had been hidden underneath the overzealous clover.

So far I’ve planted (on my little 16 sq foot plot):
2 Strawberry plants
1 Spaghetti Squash
1 sunflower
16 radishes
8 cloves of garlic
8 red onions
8 green onions (today)
8 sweet yellow onions (today)
4 nasturtiums
4 bibb lettuce
4 salad bowl lettuce

I’ve started a couple tomato plants and some zucchini (which will go in the plot off to the side). Up soon: Marigolds, carrots, leaf radish, jalapenos. I’ve also started a small compost bin that is already full.

So far I think the garden has set me back a couple hundred dollars, for seeds and plants and tools and compost and miscellaneous materials.

Also one of the greatest parts of living here is that calla lillies basically grow wild. We have several plants in the backyard that continue to bloom gorgeously even though no one has been taking care of them — the guy next door informed me that the garden has pretty much remained untouched for the past 4 years. I brought in another flower today — they sit in a vase by the fireplace and are so elegant.


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