i finally finished my very first knitted sweater.

it’s knitted using double stranded zara merino wool yarn on size 11 circulars. the pattern the [rather uppity] lady at the yarn co. gave me was for a crewneck, and after shamelessly coveting a jcrew (gasp — yeah, you heard right) shawl collar all winter long, i decided to come up with my own version. i had all intention of putting one button to the side of the placket, but i think i’ll leave well enough alone. for now. knitting a sweater is surprisingly easier than i’d thought, and i’ve found that i enjoy every last bit of tedium knitting one has to offer, from frogging half my stitches and reknitting/purling them, to seaming all the bits together. it’s a pretty intuitive art/craft (which one would hope, no?), and i found that examining sweaters (in my closet and other people’s) was more illuminating than digging up other patterns. [oh, and by the way, that weird beige-y spot on the back of my head is one of my blond chunks. what tim calls my blond spot.]

in other knitting news, my mom called yesterday morning to let me know that my grandma had received the socks i’d knitted her, and now my four L.A. aunts all want pairs.

recent belly happenings:
went to gnocco caffe in east village (10th b/w A & B) last week. decent food, gently priced, and a charming interior that’s reminiscent of all the gallic bistros in brooklyn. gnocco, apparently, are a modenese specialty: deep-fried puffs of dough, like beignets, kinda sorta, and this establishment serves them with some charcuterie. the wine list, though not extensive in size, ranges all over italy.

tim & i also recently had dinner at allioli in williamsburg. jacques torres was a big fan of this place when i was working in his factory, and they do tapas a good turn here, executing standard pintxos with a few flourishes and reeling in the (f)atkins saps with foie gras. the sangria is pricey ($20, methinks, for a pitcher), but dangerously effective.

and all along, i’d shunned robin des bois on smith street in my neighborhood, and tonight’s dinner revealed that i was so, so wrong. the interior has a great antiquey-funkiness, replete with funhouse mirrors and baroque chandeliers. the mussels in their very garlicky broth (or, should i say, the garlic, with its mussel garnish) and the merguez with creamy lentils were quite tasty, and our sherwood special — the cheese & charcuterie platter — was a behemoth to be reckoned with. but best of all, the price is right. guess where we’re going when you come visit next time, fred?


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