what in the hell did i eat before i met tim? i shudder to think.


oxtail, braised french-style with mashed potatoes and roasted carrots and celeriac.


herb-roasted chicken with, yes, more mashed potatoes, lardons and sauteed trumpet mushrooms.

tim’s getting more use out of my kitchen than i am. soon, however, he’ll be getting his ass kicked in the per se kitchen, and it’ll be back to cooking for myself. wonder how long these leftovers’ll last me. here he is in full battle mode:

and, just so’s you know, i’ve been MIA recently because i’ve been supporting my yarn habit full time:

i made this hat yesterday from some great super-chunky wool i found at downtown yarns. i knitted it up with size 15s in a 1×1 rib.

my talent seems to lie in sock-making. i made these a month or so ago. the one on the left is koigu wool; the one on the right is some more stuff i picked up at downtown yarns. my favorite sock yarn by far; i’ve knitted up pairs for my sister and my mom, and this is half of a pair i’m knitting tim. (the koigu’s mine, natch.)

my soon-to-be-finished sweater. i think i’ve probably logged about 15 hours total making this thing, so it hasn’t been as huge an ordeal as i’d imagined. i’m halfway through the second sleeve, and then i’ve got to sew it all up and add the collar (probably shawl, with a button or two). it’s zara yarn, knitting with two strands together on size 11s. simple stockinette with 2×2 rib triim. i’d planned on a lemon yellow sweater, but when i got home from the yarn co. store, i realized i had just purchased 12 balls of some ivory-type thing. a little amish for me, but i’ll stick some red buttons or embroider something po-mo on it.


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