Arnold starts blowing things up

Highlights from the governator’s budget proposal for UC, which sound highly inconsistent with all the things I would do to rescue a flagging state economy (such as better education of workers):

Enrollments: UC’s freshman enrollment in fall 2004 would be cut 10 percent, or approximately 3,200 students, below this year’s level, saving $24.8 million. This means that some freshman applicants who have met UC’s academic eligibility requirements would not be granted admission to a UC campus this fall. The Schwarzenegger Administration is encouraging these students to attend community college through a Dual Admissions Program and proposes that their community college fees be waived. In addition, $1.6 million would be provided for UC counselors to work in the community colleges, helping students prepare to transfer to UC campuses and ultimately obtain a UC degree. The University will be reviewing the potential impact of the governor’s budget on transfer enrollments.

Research: A 5 percent ($11.6 million) reduction in state-funded research, on top of the 20 percent cut these programs have taken over the last two years. In addition, $4 million in funding for one specific research program, the Institute for Labor and Employment, would be eliminated entirely.

Student fees: An increase of 10 percent ($498) for resident undergraduates and 40 percent ($2,088) for resident graduate academic students. Nonresident tuition would increase 20 percent. Fees for most professional schools would rise steeply, due to the governor’s proposal that state support for most of these schools be reduced by an average of 25 percent and that student fees fill the gap. Finally, the governor is proposing that undergraduates taking more than 110 percent of the credit hours required for graduation be charged at a higher fee rate, such as the nonresident rate or the full cost of instruction; the budget assumes such a policy would be phased in, saving $9 million the first year.

What the hell is that, an “overachiever penalty”?! You’d better not try to take more classes than you need!


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