my sister enid got me hooked on trader joe’s honey nutty seedy crunchies … they’re made of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, and honey and are a nice alternative to chocolate bars or peanut brittle, although probably not that much better for you, heh.

while i’m thinking about it, while in new york this past weekend connie (winnie’s sister) and i got to talking about what would be on our list of best food … here’s some stuff off the top of my head:

fred’s list of top food items
– tofu gra prow from dok bua
– vegetarian chili at the other side cafe
– crispy eggplant at via matta
– lemongrass tofu at pho pasteur
– slice of any pizza at nicole’s
– grape leaves (and falafel) at cafe jaffa
– potatoes (and veggie burger) at the miracle of science
– creme brulee at radius
– barbeque tofu burrito with sweet potato fries at burrito max
– sun tubu chigae at suishaya
– honey nutty seedy crunchies at trader joe’s
– hash browns from burger king
– various stores:
   chips: red hot blues, terra chips, cape cod barbeque chips
   drinks: orangina, nantucket nectars
   candy: twix, baby ruth
   other: “tofu cutlet” vegan sandwich

in other news, the new york times ran an article about rolling stones’ idiotic decision to exclusively provide best buy with their new set of dvds, and the repercussions. it includes a quote from the owner of newbury comics.

personally i find this to be only mildly irritating since i don’t listen to the rolling stones anyway, but i’m pretty against it in principle. i’m surprised there aren’t more people boycotting them. why is it that the canadians are the only ones who are doing the smart thing instead of just sitting around and whining about it?

    “If we’re not good enough to have all the products from the Stones, then we won’t have their catalog in our stores,” said Humphrey Kadaner, president of HMV North America, whose 100 outlets in Canada removed all Rolling Stones products. “The only method we have to influence the Stones is to impact their royalties stream,” Mr. Kadaner said.

if i bought music cds from best buy you can bet that i’d be boycotting them as well.


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