I’m way behind on my restaurant reviews. So I’ll start with tonight. Cynthia was visiting, we baked cookies then headed around the corner from our apartment to Eight Immortals for Chinese seafood. It was buzzing the entire time we were there, with at least one party waiting at any time. We started with sizzling rice in seafood soup — the rice seemed a little over-sizzled but still was quite tasty. The tomatos were a funny, perhaps Californian touch. Then the oyster sauce asparagus, which was a disappointment — I don’t know what possessed me to let anyone order asparagus at a chinese restaurant. The asparagus was too tough, and it just didn’t taste like much. The oyster sauce part was a vague waterly liquid that coated the bottom of the plate. The snow peas with flounder filet was quite yummy, as was the sea cucumber and black mushroom with bean curd in clay pot. Although I don’t actually remember the black mushroom part. I think they left it out. But it was still pretty damn good. The pepper sauce scallops was okay — I thought the onions were a bit too undercooked. The flavor of the dish, however, was quite good.

The service was definitely below-average Chinese restaurant service. I think it’s better if someone speaks good Chinese — when I went with my parents I thought they might have been more attentive, but it was also the middle of the week and it was pretty quiet.

All in all, a really satisfying meal — a soup, a ho-hum veggie dish, three (three!) seafood dishes — which left us with two meals of leftovers — all for a whopping $32 including tax and a generous tip. I’m going to miss the food in this neighborhood when we move.


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