finishing up the mammoth food post …

andy and i went to the nightingale on tremont last week. i’d been there for a very mediocre brunch once and andy had been there for a good dinner. i found it to be quite ordinary once again, which wasn’t helped by a wicked annoying, loud show-off kid sitting behind us. i started with a mushroom tart which came with some overly oily watercress with huge leaves. the tart was good, but not amazing. i really didn’t want to get mushroom risotto AGAIN which, like so many other restaurants, was their only vegetarian entree, so instead i got a plate of sides. the couscous was really weird. usually couscous is small, but this was sort of engorged and chewy as well as quite bland. the butternut squash puree was ordinary and the plentiful escarole rather salty. the fingerling potatoes were good, though, but they tend to be pretty foolproof. andy had the pork chop which he readily demolished although again it wasn’t anything special.

per winnie’s strong recommendation andy and i checked out sultan’s kitchen in the financial district. i had the artichoke fritters, andy had some falafel and hummus. the flavors were quite good, although with all fried food that’s not directly out of the fryer, it was rather too greasy and dense. i like my falafel to be crunchy on the outside, and so far cafe jaffa in the back bay is my favorite in boston, although there used to be a food truck that served similarly good falafel. went to cafe jaffa this week and although their falafel is pretty good i feel there must be better out there … their grape leaves though are still the best i’ve had in boston, although their baba ghanoush is curiously without a strong taste.

last of all, last month andy and i checked out the new korean place, buk kyung ii in allston (globe review). it’s owned by the same people who own the “home town” restaurant in somerville, which most korean people i know refer to simply as the “jjajjangmyeon” place b/c they’re one of the few places in boston that serve the korean (via china) black bean noodles. when we went to buk kyung ii i got something that was vegetarian but very close to jjajjangmyeon which was huge and good. andy had cheopjae which was about average. we’ll have to try it again. so far suishaya in chinatown is still at the top of my list of favorite korean places in boston.


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