that’s unfortunate about your curry, fred. instead of braving the mediocrity that is metropolitan boston’s indian restaurants next time, i recommend that you stock up on tastybite ready-made meals. now, ordinarily, you know that i would rail against such gastronomical atrocities, but this shit is gooo-oood. i get it at my local garden of eden here in brooklyn, but i think you can find it at trader joe’s, whole foods, or some other similiar organo-grocer. i had the jaipur vegetables today. and though it lacked a bit in heat and complexity, it definitely rivaled many kormas i’ve had. i’ll let you know how the madras lentils turn out.

tim and i enjoyed a much-needed dinner at prune last night: riesling, sardines with triscuits and cornichons, monkfish liver and buttered toast, fior de sarde cheese, braised shell beans with cardoons (a particular favorite), white anchovies with celery hearts (the best boquerones around, period.), fried sweetbreads with mustard, toasted manti with turkish yogurt in a spicy beef broth (their take on wee little turkish dumplings; these are filled with ground beef and are oh-so-tasty), and pear and cranberry crumble with a beaumes-de-venise. i know i occasionally claim other new york establishments as my new favorite place to eat, but prune never does me wrong. such a gem — such a perfect little restaurant with spot-on service and interesting food. when i get bored everywhere else, prune reminds me why i love to eat.

so i taught myself to knit a couple weeks ago and i made tim a striped scarf that i’m fairly proud of, and i’m all set to start on this sweater, but i decided to try my hand(s) at a hat first. so after a first failed attempt that could only fit my chihuahua, i managed to make this one today:

it’s also my first attempt at jacquard knitting, which is how i made those letters (which spell “poot!”). the bottom is a 1×2 rib, and the rest is just stockinette. what do we think? (hint: this would be a great time to break in my new comment feature.)


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