hankering for some photos, kids?
well, lucky for you, i’m currently employment-challenged, and this gives me ample time and opportunity to record all the minutiae of my life in digital format, just for your very fortunate, prying eyes. just kidding. nothing’s better than food porn, in my opinion, and i’ve been doing some decent eating lately.

but first, my new, much-loved shoes, found somewhere between chinatown and soho on broadway:

it was beautiful outside yesterday, and tim and i perused the very small borough hall greenmarket in brooklyn for a little bit. i got some delicious apples, which we snacked on on the steps.

we went to PIE for lunch. it’s this sleek, ultra-modern (read: totally uninviting and uncomfortable; too much aluminum and matte metal) take on the pizza parlor. although, i suppose, it’s more like a takeaway counter. there are a few serviceable tables in the front, where you can watch the hipper-than-thou NYU students pass by the window. the pie (i like to pronounce it “pah,” relishing the open-ended resonance of the vowel) here is pretty good. nice thin, crispy crust and some creative toppings. there are guys in the back making the pies and they bring them out to the front, where the counter people snip a slice to your specification, which is then weighed for pricing. we had a substantial lunch for two, including beverages, for $11. besides the sausage pie (on the right), we also had a cheese slice (no sauce), a fresh mozz, tomato & basil slice, and this, our favorite:

the sunnyside-up egg, bacon, mushroom, pepper, and cheese slice. a very excellent breakfast, i imagine. they list some tasty-sounding dessert pizzas on their menu (nutella, ricotta, banana; apple butter caramel; mascarpone nutella), but we waddled out of the place quite satisfied.

for dinner, tim made a classic endive and blue cheese salad (no walnuts this time) with a lovely honey vinaigrette, heavy on the vinegar. followed up by pan-fried salmon and lentils with carrots, celery, prosciutto, and raisins:


i’ve been house/kid-sitting at the colliers. they live at trump place over on the upper way-west side. nice views though:


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