i went to my first-ever fashion show yesterday, and all i got was a free cookie. no, it was actually pretty cool. they held it in this giant, beautiful loft space way over on the west side, apparently in martha stewart’s building. one entire wall afforded views of the neighborhood form the tenth floor. the aforementioned “they” would be the asian “designer” and, presumedly, her loaded family. i say “designer” because it seems that the design assistant did all the designing and the designer just threw in some yea’s and nay’s. but you didn’t hear it from me. the clothes were pretty and feminine and reminded me — not a little — of marc jacobs, diane von furstenberg, chanel, and jacqueline onassis. tweed, lace, wool felt, and satin ribbons tied at the waist. a big plus: there were tons of really good-looking asians, guys and girls alike, at the show. though, unfortunately, they probably all live on the upper east side. i think the cookies were pillsbury.

my housemate has gotten me addicted to mallomars. when we were at the store, she got really excited when she spotted them on the shelf, and i was nonplussed, having not been previously introduced to the wonder that is the mallomar. an old lady, randomly passing by with her cart, pronounced them delicious, though, and then wheeled off to peruse the cat food aisle. you know these things have to be good when you’re getting unsolicited opinions at the met foods supermarket.


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