[the continued] chronicles of unemployment.
so i just bought chris ware’s (the genius behind jimmy corrigan: smartest kid on earth) fantastic new graphic tome: quimby the mouse. it’s beautiful, darkly comic, and pretty fuckin’ twisted at times. all things we like, of course. it’s less depressing than jimmy corrigan, perhaps because the protagonist is more mouse than man (and hence offers gags and chuckles rather than requiring empathy) and has, at times, two heads — one of which seems to constantly suffer misfortune. but yes, you should run run run to the store and procure your own copy. cuz i ain’t sharin’ mine.

i am listening to old 97’s “fight songs” album. it rocks. and rhett miller is hot.

to fred (and maybe joyce): i’ve spent the past couple of days teaching myself how to knit. i’m not so great at purling, but i think i’ve got the rib knit down. i’m working on a 2×2 rib.

recent consumption.
“under the tuscan sun” is the perfect guilty pleasure. i must move to italy straightaway. what am i still doing here?! “irreversible,” however, confirms many things i’d previously thought of the french. just kidding. what a fucked up film though. i couldn’t watch some of it. i really couldn’t. there’s a takashi murakami installation at rockefeller center. tim and i made a visit a couple days ago, and i unfortunately forgot my camera. it’s up until oct. 15, i believe. i recently had a discussion about murakami and nara and the superficial aspect of the superflat movement, and after seeing murakami’s work again in person, i have to say i don’t think it’s that at all. there’s something stirring about his bright plastic pieces, something scintillating. my housemates recently introduced me to the wonderful shanghai cafe on mott st (near canal). they do some great jiajiang mien.


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